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Make use of your skills in digital marketing! Data analytics, social media, SEO,

and PPC are all topics covered in our Digital Marketing Training.

With innovative techniques,  expand your online impact and success.




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A Career-Changing Digital Marketing Course​

Digital marketing is considered the most trending sector in this highly digitalizing world. As the audience moves fast towards the digital platforms, the marketers need to grab the opportunity for a broad platform for their marketing strategies. This industry has evolved as a booming industry that is growing day by day. Digital marketing, also known as online marketing, is a marketing concept for businesses to connect with their audience using the internet. It includes various mediums to disseminate their marketing strategies on the different internet platforms such as email, social media, web-based advertising, text messages, and many more.

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DigitaLearn is a perfect place for those who want to grow in the IT sector. We offer guaranteed placement opportunities for our students. The various programs at DigitaLearn include:

  • Real-time live projects.
  • Environment learning.
  • Self-learning under the guidance of our highly expert industry professionals.
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Our three-month digital marketing certification programme with job guarantee is created to provide you the know-how and tools you need to succeed in the quickly changing digital environment.

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How to join our programs?

Join the various corporate and industry courses at DigitaLearn now for an excellent career in Digital marketing. Kindly email us or visit the company address directly to join the classes. Both online and offline application procedures are available. Open the contact page of our website for any queries related to the admission procedures.

Course Specifications

Search Engine Optimization

Join our courses now to get the best SEO knowledge with the help of live projects and training sessions.

Social Media Marketing

After completing this course, you will be able to create and carry out sophisticated social media marketing strategies to engage audiences, build brand recognition, and spur sales.

Pay per Click

Increased awareness and exposure of the brand PPC advertising enables companies to take advantage of top SERP rankings or display adverts on pertinent websites.

E- Commerce Marketing

We are able to offer ecommerce solutions that ensure your sales improve month after month because to our combined talents in design, hosting, search engine optimisation, analytics, and conversion optimisation.

Content Marketing

Our acclaimed content marketing services may help your business build credibility, thought leadership, and trust with your target market. Boost the efficiency of your SEO activities as well.

Web Analytics

Web analytics provide insightful data on user behaviour and website performance, leading changes that improve user experiences, engagement levels, and conversion rates.

Email Marketing

Develop your email marketing skills by learning more about list creation, segmentation, personalisation, automation, and A/B testing.

Website Planning & Creation

Collaboration between our team's designers, developers, content producers, and marketers will be crucial throughout the whole web planning and production process.

Video Marketing

Our tried-and-true video SEO services will result in a noticeable rise in organic video views, engagement metrics, and YouTube channel subscribers.

Facebook Advertising

To produce effective campaigns that provide results, we use a combination of creative content, exact audience targeting, and data-driven optimization in our Facebook advertising approach.

Affiliate Marketing

At Digitalearn, we harness the power of affiliate marketing to expand our reach, drive sales, and build mutually beneficial partnerships.

Strategy & Planning

Our digital marketing plan at Digitalearn is a thorough road map created to maximise our online presence, engage our target audience, and accomplish our corporate goals.

Our Student's Review

Key Highlights of Digital Marketing Science

Work on LIVE projects for customers of the agency and provide results.

Learn the most recent ideas in digital marketing to set yourself apart from the competition.

Learn about the newest technology and techniques for digital marketing.

Learn from a specific "specialised" trainer per separate chapter of the course.

Get employed by the most reputable digital marketing companies in the country.

Course developed by experts who work for some of the most respected digital marketing firms in the country.

Why choose DigitaLearn?

On-the field training

The most significant feature that makes DigitaLearn stand out from the rest is the On-the field training process. While others tell you how to do things, DigitaLearn tells you how to apply them on the field. Unlike the coaching centers and private tuitions, we offer you an opportunity to implement the knowledge while working in a real-time environment.

Guidance of industry experts

DigitaLearn is the best Digital Marketing academy in Lucknow that offers an excellent opportunity to enhance your industrial and corporate knowledge under the guidance of industry experts. Our expert professionals have experience of over five years of in the IT industry. Till now, our industry experts have trained over 2000 students.

Digital marketing consists of the various elements through which marketers interact with their audience on digital platforms. The different aspects of digital marketing include:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Optimization (SMO)









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