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Training in app development can help you gain the skills necessary for mobile innovation.

Learn the fundamentals of coding, design, and deployment to build Android and iOS apps

that work.Learn programming languages and UI/UX techniques to

advance your career in the booming mobile sector.






45 Days







Web Development Training

Web development is a concept of coding or programming a website to work on its overall functionality. Nowadays, almost all businesses have their websites. Digital marketing is nothing without web development. Website designing and website developments are the two completely different sides of a single coin. While website designing works for the overall designing and appearance of the website, the other works for the programming and functionality of a website. Website development goes through critical and complex processes to make a user-friendly website.

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Both long-term and short-term courses are available at our academy. There are three types of corporate and industrial programs available right now. Forty-five days, three months, and six months courses are available at DigitaLearn for a great learning experience.

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App Development Training Certificate

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Web Development Training at DigitaLearn

DigitaLearn also provide Web Development Training  working towards making learning better. Unlike other courses, we provide training programs that provide knowledge and real-time working experience. Our expert trainers are working in the industry for more than five years. With immense knowledge and expertise, we aim to give you an excellent opportunity in the industry. Our courses are job-oriented to make you ready for a big dive into the industry. DigitaLearn also provides placement assistance for the students opting for our courses. Your mentors will assess all your performances throughout the course to inform you about your strengths and weaknesses. To provide the best placement assistance, our mentors will evaluate the ability and working of the candidate from time to time during the programs. Technophilic private limited is one of our recruiters. We also have a tie-up with a lot of digital marketing and Web Development companies. Apprentice training programs are also available at our academy, along with the industrial and corporate training programs.

Daily live classes

Join our courses now to get the best SEO knowledge with the help of live projects and training sessions.

Live Projects

After completing this course, you will be able to create and carry out sophisticated social media marketing strategies to engage audiences, build brand recognition, and spur sales.

Personal Mentor

Increased awareness and exposure of the brand PPC advertising enables companies to take advantage of top SERP rankings or display adverts on pertinent websites.


We are able to offer ecommerce solutions that ensure your sales improve month after month because to our combined talents in design, hosting, search engine optimisation, analytics, and conversion optimisation.

Course Specifications

What you can Learn in this Cource

0. Web Applications need a flexible environment to be designed on. JAVA is used to create flexible web applications

  • OOPS Concept in JAVA
  • Classes and Objects
  • ConstructorsMethods
  • Strings
  • Arrays

1. Front End Development

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript
  • Bootstrap
  • Node JS
  • React JS
  • User research and usability testing
  • Demo Design

2. Backend Development & Database

  • C#
  • PHP
  • Javascript
  • Microsoft Database
  • Microsoft Visual Studio

4. Software Development Frameworks

  • Laravel
  • CodeIgniter
  • Express.js

3. WordPress Development

  • Setup WordPress
  • Install Domain
  • Install Hosting
  • Important Plugins
  • Cracked Themes
  • Security enhancement
  • Real time project

4. Server Handling

  • Handling all Types of Servers (VPS, GoDaddy, Hostbudy, Namecheap, wix, Hostbudy,Hostinger etc.)
  • Purchase Hosting & Manage
  • Purchase Domains & Manage
  • Purchase & Setup Business Emails
  • Responsible for Handling all types of Servers
  • Server Migrations

6. Project

  • Develop Real time Project
  • Purchase Domain
  • Purchase/Setup Hosting
  • Setup Database
  • Deployment Project local host to Live Server

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Why Choose DigitaLearn?

In-depth learning process

DigitaLearn aims to provide an in-depth learning process to make you ready for the corporate world. We have designed the courses to provide in-depth knowledge about the complex aspects of web development. Complex processes are solved in the most convenient methods to provide an easy learning process.

Long-term and short-term courses

Both long-term and short-term courses are available at our academy. There are three types of corporate and industrial programs available right now. Forty-five days, three months, and six months courses are available at DigitaLearn for a great learning experience.

Performance assessments

DigitaLearn aims to bring out the best in you. We have a dedicated team of expert professionals ready to assess the learning ability of our students. Real-time projects and assessments are taken at particular intervals to check the knowledge and performance of the candidates.









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