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Industrial Training Program

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Industrial Training Program

August 29,2023



DigitaLearn is dedicated to promoting job opportunities with the Industrial Training Program in India . DigitaLearn is your best destination to join the job-oriented industrial training in Lucknow. We are one of the best IT and Digital Marketing Training Academy in Lucknow, working with 50+ professionals.

Industrial training is an essential part of the technical graduation and post-graduation courses of all the recognized Institutes/Universities. Our prime objective behind conducting industrial training courses is to connect students with industrial training requirements and prepare them according to the current job requirements.
Our trainees get an opportunity to get accustomed to corporate culture and get job-ready. We have crafted the best industrial training in Lucknow according to current and in-future demands of industry, technologies, and international standards.
DigitaLearn industrial training inculcates students’ self-learning concepts to further help them complete a full life cycle of technical knowledge under our expert mentors.
Most students waste precious time of their lives by getting hands-on experience on the latest technologies by joining coaching centers, private tuitions, or non-IT companies, which is not possible compared to an IT academy like us.
DigitaLearn provides you with an opportunity to work with a team of professional trainers who will enhance their knowledge and skills.
Our students experience IT skills and work ethics while doing work at the real-time client end projects in industrial training.

Best Industrial Training in Lucknow

Students can opt to choose DigitaLearn for the best industrial training in Lucknow as we provide a practical implementation of technology, well-equipped labs and infrastructure, learning and interacting opportunities with industry experts, one to one training, the possibility to work on live projects, and certification highly appreciated in top IT companies. DigitaLearn provides in-depth knowledge and practical learning based industrial training program.
We offer job-oriented training and placement assistance to students who attend our industrial training.
Our mentors help students decide the kind of future they want to pursue and let them get the relevant experience for that specialization.
The industrial training program has courses that integrate appropriate modules like documentation, understanding requirements, and other relevant things.
We instill in our students the significant aspects of communication, personality, teamwork, integrity, a high work ethic, and leadership.

Industrial Training Program

At DigitaLearn, industrial training is a part of our mission to build a brighter future of Information Technology in Lucknow. During our industrial training program, the trainees get exposure to different industry areas while studying and developing their professional and digital skills.

Applications to the program are open at different times of the year – refer to the complete package, duration, and application section. In order to apply, you will need some basic documents and a lot of enthusiasm for technology!!!
We offer industrial training programs for different courses for the duration of 45 days, 3 months, and 6 months.
Our 3 months and 6 months industrial training programs are job-oriented that will let you learn and earn immediately after your graduation year or even while pursuing your degree course.

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