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Who do we protect?

DigitaLearn aims to protect the rights of the individuals who:

  • Visit DigitaLearn and try to contact our servers through the Internet.
  • Who register with our website and are allowed to keep them updated about us.
  • Attend webinars and other events organized at DigitaLearn.

Why do we protect?

To save our visitors from all kinds of cyber threats, we aim to provide a safe and secure medium. Whenever an individual visits our website and puts their information, our servers protect their data with the help of various mediums. However, in this highly digitalized world, no one can assure 100% privacy from the internet. Still, we are doing our best to give the best privacy and security for the individuals.

What do we collect?
  • We collect cookies from our users to improve our services. When a user visits our website, we collect cookies from the user.
  • When users log in to our website and perform certain activities like buying our courses and commenting on our blogs, we collect cookies to ensure quality with targeted information
  • DigitaLearn collects data from the individuals when they leave a comment on our website. We collect the IP address and also the information of the individual from the Comments.
  • Whatever information we collect is saved on our servers. If an individual tries to breach our privacy policy, we may have to share their personal information to take strict legal action against you.
  • It is recommended not to add any location while uploading an image on our website. Adding your location to the media will allow anyone from the internet to visit your website and gain the individual’s information.
Contact Form
  • DigitaLearn uses forms where you will be asked about your personal information. By filling the online form, you offer consent to DigitaLearn to you the information for the required purpose.
  • We take complete responsibility for the information you provide us through the contact forms to keep them safe and secure.
Embedded Content
  • Our website also contains articles that have embedded content such as videos, text, and images. DigitaLearn is not responsible for the content of the embedded content.
  • Ensure to read about the website’s privacy policy embedded in our website before providing any information there.
What do you provide?
  • When an individual visits our website and wants to contact the company, DigitaLearn asks to fill out a form. The individual has to fill in their identification details, including their name, email address, mobile number, and permanent address.
  • Whenever an individual wants to make a purchase, the website will ask about their identification details and bank details, including bank account number, credit or debit card details, etc.
What do we do with your data?
  • DigitaLearn reserves all the rights to use your information, including the personal identification details in our interest. We can use any information to improve the quality of our website
  • This information will enable you to access and use our website.
  • The information will help you complete the transaction and access details, such as invoices and confirmations
  • The information will help us identify the fraudulent activities and authorization access to protect your privacy
  • It will help us analyze the activities and usage of our website from individuals across the world.
  • We will use this information to increase communication with our audience by informing them about our latest products, services, and offers.
When does this privacy policy not apply?

This privacy policy applies to only DigitaLearn
Here is when the policy does not apply:

Third-Party websites
  • Any information given to the links provided to the other websites will remain invalid. The website contains external links to different websites for promotional activities. These websites will apply their privacy policy for the same.
Data breach
  • Those who have accepted the website’s privacy policy shall abide by the terms and conditions of the privacy policy. Any breach in the privacy policy will make us take strict actions against them.
Changes to this privacy policy
  • DigitaLearn reserves full rights to make any changes to privacy at any time of the year. It is recommended that the users keep checking the privacy policy every time they visit our website.
  • Whatever changes are made will be updated here for your interest. This way, you will get to know about the changes made recently through the notification on this page.
Contact information

If you have questions, you can contact us at: