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7 Organic and Genuine Ways to Increase Instagram Followers

Instagram Followers

Gaining Instagram followers is key to successfully scaling your marketing efforts on the platform. It’s no lie that opportunities are continuing to expand on Instagram for business.

Instagram is the origin of the social presence of many brands. Instagram marketing is an effective way to drive traffic, support sales, and engage customers.

But if you are not satisfied with your Instagram growth and engagement, you are not alone in this because competition on Instagram is fierce. And cracking the code of the algorithm on Instagram can be tricky.

There are various Instagram followers apps where you can get cheap Instagram followers. Another trending way to get Instagram followers is to buy an Instagram account at an affordable price.

Types of Instagram Followers

Before we talk about how to gain Instagram followers, let’s talk about who you want to attract to your Instagram profile. There are three main types of Instagram followers, and the first two are the kind of followers everyone wants to avoid:

  • Fake Followers- Fake Instagram followers are usually bots or fake accounts that inflate your follower count. Fake followers do not engage, and engagement is a factor in an Instagram algorithm that pushes new users to the Instagram feed.
  • Ghost Followers- Ghost followers are inactive users. They do not engage with the content so these followers can skew your engagement metrics. It is a good idea to remove ghost followers from your Instagram list.
  • Organic Followers- Organic Instagram followers are the active audience or the people who find your profile appealing and attractive and engage with your Instagram profile. These followers are the key to increasing the engagement of your Instagram profile.

Organic and Genuine Ways to Get Instagram Followers

Instagram has become one of the trending social media platforms for brands and marketers today. However, building your Instagram presence and gaining Instagram followers isn’t possible overnight. It is possible to achieve all your social media marketing goals with genuine and smart ways to get more leads and conversions.

It is time to up your Instagram game if you haven’t been able to get a robust presence on the platform. But gone are the days of paid followers or bots to get the easy way of gaining short-term results. Below are the 7 sure-shot ways to gain Instagram followers to improvise your Instagram strategy.

Write an Attractive Bio for Instagram Followers

The first thing an individual sees on your profile is your Instagram bio. One of the most crucial moments for a brand to capture the audience’s attention is through its bio. It must be written in a straightforward yet compelling manner that engages your audience. Simply writing about your business won’t impact your audience as they want to connect with you.

They are not on Instagram merely for information, but instead for entertainment and building relationships. That makes it even more important to write a captivating Bio that engagingly defines your business. You need to give your Instagram audience a reason to connect with your brand to stand out.

Optimize Using Keywords

No matter the platform, you need keywords to up your chances to be visible in the digital world. Incorporating keywords on your Instagram profile helps you quickly gain Instagram followers and become visible to the audience. To get free Instagram followers, you must be able to become visible on the searches.

Keywords help you get Instagram followers to create higher visibility.

You can use innovative ways to add keywords to your brand name. Use keywords in your bio to increase the chances to appear in the searches or add them with your username. However, avoid keyword stuffing to get long-term and genuine results.

Hashtags are Mandatory

Hashtags have immense significance in the social media industry. Your entire Instagram visibility depends greatly on hashtags. If you think you can increase your post’s reach and engagements without hashtags, we must say you are getting it all wrong. Instagram allows only to addition of up to 30 hashtags in a post, however, it depends entirely on using quality hashtags rather than quantity.

It takes a lot of experimenting with hashtags to improve your post engagements. Use relevant hashtags for your images to get a meaningful, quality, and engaged audience on the platform. It helps gain Instagram followers as your posts appear on people’s newsfeeds, resulting in organically higher reach and engagements.

Schedule posts for the perfect time to Gain Instagram Followers

Your post’s timing is crucial for gaining the proper engagements and visibility. If you don’t want your posts lost in people’s news feeds, you need to find the perfect time when your audience is highly active. You need to experiment with posting at different times first to see when they are engaging more.

Start scheduling your posts for the time when your users are more likely to engage. Even though Instagram algorithms have changed to provide content based on the user’s interest, it is still essential to post at the perfect time to get more visibility and engagement to your posts.

Add Engaging and Longer Captions

Increasing your followers on Instagram is not as easy as it sounds. You don’t only have to get high-quality posts but also the right strategy to increase your reach. Captions are not merely an introduction for your posts but also the most crucial step to grab your audience’s attention. Writing long captions is one way to bring more reach and engagement to your audience.
However, it doesn’t mean you can write anything to increase the length.

Your captions need to consist of everything that your audience wants to hear. Make sure to write all the important and compelling content on top as the user has to tap on the “more” option to read the whole caption. Try asking questions and using emojis to make it more engaging.

Pin Comments to Add Value to Your Post

Instagram offers excellent ways for brands to make more engagements and increase their reach. With the help of their “pin comments” feature, brands can easily pin their best comments on top to make higher engagements. If you think that some of your comments are getting more engagements than your entire post, you have the chance to pin them on top to improve the reach.

Also, you can use this feature as an extended space for your caption. Instagram allows only 2200 characters for the captions, and you can easily use this feature to write more extended captions. It is an excellent feature to improve communication with your audience and get more engagement.

Create Content that Your Audience or Instagram Followers Love Re-sharing

Now audience loves sharing posts from brands with powerful illustrations and infographics. If it brings them value, they share it on their profile. Imagine how much exposure you can get when your audience shares your post on their profiles. That is why follow the trends and create content that your audience cannot resist sharing.

Think about the unique ways you can illustrate your ideas in a post that makes you stand apart from the other creators. When they share your posts on their profile, other people can easily find your account by clicking on the link, opening more doors to engagements and broader reach. For better ways to build your brands on Instagram, you can join social media training courses at DigitaLearn to genuinely improve followers and engagements.

Other ways to gain Instagram followers

Getting real Instagram Followers is not going to happen by accident. And despite whatever you might have known, there is no shortcut solution to getting Insta followers.

The following tips can help you get real Instagram Followers that engage with you. Putting these tips into action can get you free Instagram followers. It is so much easier to get Insta followers with a powerful publishing and analytics tool like DigitaLearn:

Optimization of Instagram account-

Optimizing an Instagram Account means having a follower-friendly account with a search-friendly username, a professional profile picture, and an attractive Instagram bio.

Keep a consistent content calendar-

Consistent posting is more effective than random posting on Instagram. That’s why following a consistent content calendar is important.

Make meaningful conversations with the audience-

Marketers use Instagram as an after-sales service to engage with customers for feedback and suggestions. Being supportive and responding quickly shows people that you care.

Collaborate with Influencers-

Collaborating with an influencer who has a vast following is another way to grow Instagram followers. There are various ways of collaborating, like paid sponsorship, product exchange, brand ambassador programs, and many more.

Highlight Top Stories-

Highlights are groups of old, expired stories. You can highlight top stories like Q&A, tips, events, bestsellers, and many more. It makes it easier for the audience to find relevant stories about your account.

Go Live on Instagram-

Plan Instagram live sessions to interact with your audience directly. Instagram live sessions are beneficial for events like product launches, quick tutorials, Q&A sessions, and other interesting things.

Tag Relevant Users-

Another way to gain Instagram followers is to tag relevant users in your posts. Your posts will then show up in that tagged person’s posts, and anyone who looks through them will find your page and hopefully follow if you have an appealing profile.


Gain Instagram followers and grow stronger relationships on Instagram with DigitaLearn. Apart from this, you can also buy an Instagram account. DigitaLearn helps you understand and reach the targeted audience, engage the community, and measure performance with the only all-in-one social media management platform built for connection.

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